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We are a small specialist team that can help you win more customers and drive traffic to your business.

Would you like to grow your business faster?

Promote your business online

Build you a new or improve your existing website.

Grow your social media & web presence with short Video production.

Our core love is designing and building websites.

Do you need a great web presence?  

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Whether you need a brand new website built from scratch or simply a spruce up on your old tired site, we have the perfect solution.

Our website packages are designed to make it easy for you to have web no-fuss presence and easy on the pocket.

Contact us for more information or a free quote.

Ray Smith Marketing can offer a pay monthly plan for all web design projects.

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Using our specialist tools and knowledge, we can get your social presence flying.  We can help…

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Social Media is the key to a successful business presence online. We can offer managed programs or point you at the best tools for DIY social promotion.

Tailwind is one example of the best Instagram scheduling tool, check it out 

You can attract customers to your social activity by using Highlight Messages on your website.

Content for social is always hard to find, try this for ideas Artboard Studio

We can create interest and get more followers with a giveaway Prize Draw on your website, check it out

Professional Graphic Design is usually very expensive, here is a tool that makes it simple Glorify

This tool allows you to make a post to all your social media at once and see all the analytic stats in one place Metricool

- Facebook Video Ads
- Instagram Vertical Videos
- Facebook Video Headers
- HD Video Commercials
- Dazzling Mockup Videos

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(1) Simply allow us to have a copy of your logo,

(2) Some images and words

(3) We will create your production with or without music.

This content can be made into a full-length promo video 1-5 seconds, 5-10 seconds, 10-20 seconds or longer with hundreds of templates to choose from.

We can also create bespoke video productions for any industry or small business.

Contact us today for more information. 

Every business needs a Diib Growth Plan! We’ll quickly show you how to easily improve your:

- Social
- Mobile
- Visitor experience based on real data

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Website Monitoring
Sleep easy tonight! We automate Website Monitoring to let you know if we detect any issues

Speed/Security monitoring
Email deliverability (make sure your emails don’t go to spam)
Rankings changes
Competitor activity

Every website is unique but it is still helpful to see how you are performing versus similar websites. Is your bounce rate abnormally high? How good is your percentage of return visitors?

See how your website stacks up against the competition
Improve the areas where you are underperforming
Track your progress versus other websites

SEO & keywords
We don’t just show you keyword rankings, we help you get new ones! Even better, if a ranking drops we’ll let you know what page on your website was affected and what changed so you can fix it (Rank Guard™ requires data history and automatically begins 30 days after you upgrade to any PRO account).

Track your important SEO keywords and backlinks
Monitor your competitors
Get new keyword and content ideas

Without Analytics, how would you know if you’re wasting money on advertising?  

Analyze, manage and grow your digital presence

We can help with Metricool.

Call for a free quote

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Review your metrics, plan your content and easily manage your online ad campaigns.
Everything in one place.

Simplify and organize your daily tasks from only one tool

Easy Analytics
The metrics that matter
Avoid getting lost amongst the scattered data on different platforms.

Metricool unifies the data from your web, social networks and online ads so it’s easy for you to check them, make the right decisions and improve your strategy.

Effective planning on all your social networks
Save time and improve your planning by programming your social content.

What if you could send out a text from your phone right now and reach all of your best customers at once?

We want to show you how to use your phone to never have a slow day again.


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How your new text message marketing system will work.

Step 1:
You’ll offer a small discount or freebie to convince users to text a phrase to a phone number.

That person will text the number and get an immediate text back with a code to claim the deal in person or via phone.

That person is added to your marketing list.

Anytime you want to generate more business, you simply send out a text from your own cell phone with a special offer. It will be delivered to everyone who has opted in.

Unleash your Growth

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Analyze, manage and grow your digital presence

Review your metrics, plan your content and easily manage your online ad campaigns.
Everything in one place.

Segment your social media profiles easily


Analytics that help you improve

Posts and content that automatically update

Get More Customers With Conversion Notifications

Want to Make More Web Conversions?
Choose from our  24 Conversion Boosting Elements

Choose from our  24 Conversion Boosting Elements

Our new 24-in-1 conversion-boosting platform lets you add everything from live sales and visitor notifications to timer-based popups, optins, special offers and more on any page you want, all in the shortest time possible and with no extra skill.
Add your Personal Touch
Engage with visitors at scale with Triggered in-app messages. Get users to the “Ahaa!” moment quicker than ever before with our kits designed to make user on-boarding a breeze. Checkout the video below.
A New Way to Grow. 

  • Engage your visitors with pre-built Marketing Hacks & Psychological Principles proven to:
  • Increase Trust, Leads & Sales
  • On-Board Customers & Engage Visitors
  • Increase Revenue Per Visitor & Up-sell Customers
  • Reduce Churn & Collect Cancellation Feedback
  • Earn Referrals & Social Shares
  • Collect User Feedback & Reviews

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